Trent “SuRbO” Lo

Cyber Immunity


Trent is a seasoned security professional with a distinguished career defending a Tier 1 Network from skillful adversaries. His versatile background in both offense and defense has helped him architect visionary security solutions that are deployed within numerous Fortune 500 Companies. He is an established Security Researcher who has reported vulnerabilities in organizations like Microsoft, Google and Southwest Airlines. He is also the creator of ‘OvRfLoW’ (Microsoft Flow Attack Framework). Trent is a key contributor to Government Cyber Exercises like Cyber Shield and Cyber Storm. He has also built relationships on Threat Intelligence Sharing by speaking at the Network Security Information Exchanges (NSIE), National Defense Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ND-ISAC) and Multilateral Network Security Information Exchanges (MNSIE). Trent has worked with industry partners and government agencies to dismantle botnets like “3ve” and “themoon”


You might not be a Doctor but you should still take a look. I’ll show you how real world knowledge transfers into the cyber realm to help you diagnose and treat viruses that attack your company. This talk will explore ways to help you understand the types of infections that are occurring and how you can mitigate these threats. I will go over some basic methods of general practice that you can start implementing today, as well as show you how threat intelligence is vital to your success.