Defending the ‘Vatican’ in Minecraft


McL0v1n is an IT Infrastructure Specialist with an infosec enthusiasm, a tech consultant, and the VP of Information Technology for a company based in Hawaii. He’s also a member of the DC Darknet community.


What was known as “The Vatican’s Minecraft Server” was a group of servers brought online by Fr. Robert Ballecer (@PadreSJ) to create a non-toxic gaming environment. It was not actually associated with the Vatican, but because that’s where PadreSJ is posted, the public assumed association and thus began a series of attacks and trolls against the server and it’s network. McL0v1n is the architect of the network from just a fun server to its current state as a Minecraft Network of servers. This is a synopsis of it being an “Idea” to growing it based on DDoS attacks, Trolls, and exploit attempts.